ΕΞΑΜΗΝΟ         ΤΜΗΜΑ         ΗΜΕΡΕΣ         ΩΡΑ         ΑΙΘΟΥΣΑ         ΔΙΔΑΣΚΩΝ
Z                       1           ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ     20:00-22:00   109              ΓΚΛΑΒΙΝΗΣ
Διδακτικά βιβλία
΄Υλη: This course offers an
overview of the institutions, rules and mechanisms
governing the international trade relations. The
focus of the
course is on GATT/WTO Law. Discussed are the
institutional and substantive
aspects of the rules and mechanisms governing the
trading system administered by the World Trade
Organisation and in
particular: the General Agreement on Trade and
Tariffs (GATT), the
Multilateral Trade Negotiations Rounds, the
establishment of the WTO,
the basic principles governing the multilateral
trading system (multilateral
trade principles, such as most favoured nation
treatment and national
treatment, open market principles, such as
elimination of tariffs, quotas
and other non-tariff barriers to cross-border
trade, and fair trade principles,
such as dumping and subsidies), and the settlement
of international
trade disputes. While the focus of the subject
matter is on WTO Law governing
the cross-border trade in goods, attention is
equally reserved for


the WTO Law governing the international trade in
services (GATS)